Sunday, October 6, 2013

BOULEVARD BAKERY- Home of the Decorated Cookies

Most times when I approach a plate of decorated cookies it is not a difficult decision to pass them up usually for something better like good dark chocolate.  That all changed when Loretta Peeler, one of the baker's at Boulevard Bakery of Kansas City, brought me a box of her decorated cookies.  Made fresh daily with all real ingredients, they melted in my mouth with a burst of flavor...and they look terrific.  In fact, Loretta will customize cookies to order. These cookies are so good we'd like to share them with you at our holiday sale, PEACE TO YOU.  Loretta sent me photos of her Christmas designs and I sent her our color palette and how to decorate them.  In no time, she was at the door with a box of these beautiful cookies we're calling our PEACE cookies.   
Check out Boulevard Bakery's Home of the Deecorated Cookies.

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