Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Chase is taking Advanced Woods in school this fall and it is paying off nicely at work. He just completed a complex hypertufa mold I designed to create a house-shaped basin that will hold water for a fountain bubbling out of one of the windows. 

Preparations are in full swing for our Holiday Sale, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS in November. Opening night is Thursday, November 2 from 4 -8 pm. It promises to be a month of fun holiday gifts, home and garden decor and clever creative activities. SAVE THE DATE!


Wreaths are a great way to express our devotion and understanding about the change of time. The circle itself is a symbol of seasons and time cycles. Autumn is a phase of life that addresses powerful concepts like: Harvest, transition, withdrawal. Nature itself seems to retreat. Changing of leaves, colder days - it's all a sign of moving from one phase to another.
An autumn wreath will embrace this time of transition. It's a great symbol for honing our focus on the stuff we've achieved and gained. Autumn wreath meaning celebrates a bountiful year, and expresses gratitude for the harvest. This doesn't have to mean a harvest of corn or pumpkins. In our modern world we experience harvests by accomplishing goals, reaping rewards from our toil and enjoying hard-won victories. 
Join us this Thursday evening and make yourself an autumn wreath. For more info and to enroll visit or call Steve at 913-579-5395.