Wednesday, May 30, 2018


This is our new hypertufa strawberry pot.  It has side pockets so you can really load a lot of berry plants into one pot. It is a wonderful sight to behold when it is blooming and full of berries.
There are many types of strawberries but they usually fall into two basic groups: June-bearing and Everbearing. June-bearing berries bloom all at once in the spring and will provide berries in quantity. This is good if you want a lot of berries at one time for making jam, for example.

Everbearing strawberries bloom and produce all the time but in small amounts. This type is the one to use for decorative containers because you'll always have blooms and berries in some stage of growth. They are especailly nice in larger or hanging containers because they send out daughter shoots with new little plants.

Friday, May 4, 2018


Sample delicious food ideas, for an entire meal from a cocktail and appetizers to salad and bread, entrĂ©es, sides and finally desserts and coffee/tea. Many of the recipes include strawberries in keeping with our theme, Strawberry Garden Time. Enjoy tips and garden ideas on tasting stops eating our way through From the Summer's Garden. For the Entree we'll retreat to the studio for a presentation on how to create a garden sense of place and finish up with dessert and coffee/tea in the lighted garden.  There's even strawberry freebies to take home- a recipe pack, a live strawberry plant in a container and jar of homemade strawberry jam. There will be plenty of eats to make this a meal, so come hungry!