Tuesday, March 31, 2015


 Early spring gives us an opportunity to observe the structure and foundations of our growing areas.  
 These farrowed fields of northwest Missouri roll and undulate in beautiful curving lines providing  graceful sculptural inspiration. 
 It is inspiring to see how well the farmers tend the land-like sculpting a giant canvas.  
So too in our gardens, now that planting has begun and will be underway in earnest in the next month, we can use this time to assess our placement of beds and foundational elements before we are overcome with the demands of spring planting.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


A  creative group of gardeners got a jump on spring by making their own Mosaic Bird Puddlers. Birds love these because they can stand in the water to bathe and then preen on the edge. Because they are relatively shallow, they can easily be refreshed and kept clean. 

First moist sand was shaped into a hump mold into which pieces of tile, glass marbles and broken china were pressed. Note that the reverse side of these pieces is facing up. 

A layer of concrete was pressed over the sand and mosaic pieces ...

followed by a final layer of hyptertufa. After curing for a week, the pieces are inverted, the sand removed and brushed away. The final step is to situate the puddler in the garden, preferably near a window so the bird's antics can be easily viewed. Want to make your own? Take a Creative Workshop or Hypertufa studio this summer. More info: peaceinmygarden.com

Sunday, March 8, 2015


After a schizophrenic winter as the one we've had, the coming of spring signals our chance to rekindle our ties to the earth.  Like bears blinking in the sun, we step out and sniff the air, hungry for asparagus, for herbs and the spiritual satisfaction of getting our hands into the dirt and breathing deeply the fresh spring air.  This photo captures in one shot, five of the colors for this spring providing a visual breath of fresh air.