Monday, November 28, 2016



We have just completed a new collection of fun handmade paper bowls and you can see them this weekend at Counting Our Blessings.  We'll be open 10-5,  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Don't miss this fun opprotunity to make your own Christmas wreath for your door or above your fireplace. We'll be gather ing from 7:00 -9:00 this coming thrusday evening. You'll learn to bunch together fresh boxwood and juniper and wire into a circulare or square wreath. Add some bling if you desire and be merry! A glass of wine to go along with it can't hurt either! For more info and to enroll visit:

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Damaged Model
 Perfect Casting

This spring Dennis brought a beautifully sculpted angel which he rescued from a church in Kansas City, KS. It was one of a pair; one facing to the right of the altar and the other to the left. The one facing left was lost. He asked me to create a model of this angel and cast it in concrete. It took us most of the sumner to make the mold. I was concerned that the original might be damaged since it appeared to be painted wood. I gave it a coating of polyurethane to protect the surface and we began the mold-making process. Friday, we removed the new mold from the model. I was heart sick as the mold came off the orginal cruimbled into smithereens. It turns out this moldel was plaster over wood, not even re-enforced. So that is the bad news. The good news is that the very first cast came out in perfect condition! I am definitely counting my blessings on this project! These new angels are fulyl outdoorable since they are cast concrete and will be made to order at $95.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Karen Skillett has a great love for gnomes of all shapes and sizes!  Her newest gnome designs feature tiny gnomes cast in concrete from an early 1900's vintage chocolate mold combined with teacups on stakes for the garden or planters. We see the popular gnome character all around, including Steve's new and VERY popular garden gnomes and stones!  But did you know the history of the gnome figurine?

A gnome has been popular garden accessory since they appeared in the 1800s, when the first clay versions were made in Germany. They became especially popular during the Victorian age and again in the 1930s and 40s. They are considered good luck symbols when placed in the home or garden.
In folklore, gnomes are small, gentle woodland creatures who wear pointy red hats. They work by night and can live to be four hundred years old or more. According to legend, they help with chores such as sweeping and planting. This is why many traditional gnome statues hold garden tools such as rakes or shovels or are pushing wheelbarrows. 
While a garden is the most likely place for a gnome, they are also appropriate indoors. 

To all the gnome lovers out there...come to the From the Summer's Garden Holiday Sale, COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS and browse the collection!  Buying a gnome just may bring you good luck! (And they make great holiday gifts!)

SPECIAL EVENT: Encaustics with Lisa Freeman

Lisa Freeman has entered the world of encaustic art as a fun way to use the beeswax from their honeybees.  Join Lisa for an introduction to encaustic art.  Participants will create their initial on a prepared board and all sorts of hot wax, paints, and textures.

Encaustic workshop participants will be provided with their prepared “canvas”wood block.  Have in mind what letter or word you would like to write on your block.
 Layering of wax begins…

 Fibers are fun to press into the soft wax, then more layering of wax… 
You will also get to play with a heat gun.

 Color will be added to your creations 
with a little “coaching”.

 When you head home, you will have your encaustic block completed and with a nice coat of resin.  It will need to let dry for 72 hours.