Thursday, April 8, 2010


Lynn Baxley never met an art supply she didn't love! Now, using texture in clay, almost everything gets turned into an art tool! She has been known to arouse suspicion in hardware stores for making unnaturally intense observations of nuts, bolts, springs and ... well, hardware stuff - imagining what kind of marks they will make when pressed in clay. Her pieces are made from large slabs of wet clay, imprinted with texture marks from her bucket o' tools, then torn into pieces and reconstructed into her designs. After bisque firing, several steps of glaze application make each piece unique. Lynn is a long time customer who is joining us this spring for Hollyhock Days. I think you will agree, her beautiful pieces will make great additions to any garden!

These versatile orbs can hold water as a vase, be filled with soil and planted with your favorite flowers and used as lawn and garden artwork. I love items that allow you to use them in many ways.

Ceramic Birdhouses with a sense of rhythm. Aren't these great?

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