Monday, April 14, 2014


 Many times when you see something empty and out of context it is hard to visualize how you can make it into a dramatic focal point or something really useful.  Here are three simple ways that will kick this Hypertufa Hanging Basket up a couple notches!
 1.Fill with potting soil and plant up with one or two varieties of colorful annuals.  I used simple mini-orchid petunias because they are so easy to maintain.  A spiller would add a nice accent too, something like yellowgreen Creeping Jenny.
 2. When I see a dandelion growing anywhere in my yard, it must come out immediately! It's handy having garden tools stashed in key spots throughout the garden so I can readily dispatch the dandelions and other "unwantables" easily.  Here the Tufa Basket serves as a nice tool caddy and the drainage hole keeps rainwater drained away.
3.  When you want to dress up the place a bit, the Hanging Basket can serve as an effective focal point.   For our upcoming Garden Party opening event on Thursday, April 24 from 5:00-8:00, we'll use several of these baskets filled with fresh-cut twigs and flowers. They are kept fresh by a concealed jar of water in the basket.  For a nice added touch, we'll add battery powered twig lights which will become more apparent once the evening darkens.

This Hypertufa Hanging Basket can help you create your own Garden of Good.

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