Thursday, April 17, 2014


The bird houses in my yard have been installed two different ways. The easiest is to hang from the bottom of a tree limb. I have used a pre-measured length of insulated copper wire poked through the hanger halfway, then wrapped around the limb and twisted securely at the top.
            I also have a number of pole mounted houses attached to the side of my deck posts. Each one has a ½” galvanized floor flange screwed onto the bottom. Lowes has these, as do most other hardware stores:

You will also need a threaded galvanized steel pole, also ½”, approximately 5’ long, which threads into the attached floor flange. I attached the pole to the side of my deck post using two conduit clamps, also ½”. They screw into the post about 18” apart and clamp onto the bottom of the pole. Lowes and other hardware stores have these too:

Here is a link for securing a pole in the ground using concrete. Be sure to get a threaded pole if you are using a floor flange, or choose from other pole-top mounting hardware options of your choice. There are quite a few available.

One workable alternate pole mounted house is to attach one of the above-mentioned floor flanges to the bottom of your birdhouse, and attach a second one to the top of a fence post or deck post, connect them by screwing in a short section of steel pipe threaded on each end.

Here are some other general birdhouse mounting links that include handy information like when should you put up a house, what birds prefer houses at which heights, which birds are territorial, what areas are better than others and more:

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