Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Garden of Good Feature Artist: NINA WARD

Nina Ward is the owner of KC Classic Gourmet Foods.  We are thrilled that she and her daughter
feature their gourmet foods at From the Summer's Garden sales events.

They have selected a few favorite products to share with you. Starting off are the Cheese Dips. Unlike most dips you buy which require you to gather additional ingredients to complete your dip, Their's is ready to go. KC Classic Dips are convenient, rich in flavor, great for parties or great to give as a gifts.  There’s a favorite flavor for everyone.   Chipotle, Raspberry Jalapeno, Green Olive and Pimeto and Artichoke and Spinach. 

** Chipotle - a great spread for a Burrito Wrap or a Sandwich.  Add ham, chicken or pork, some chopped black olives or shredded lettuce.   Heat or eat at room temperature.  This dip is also wonderful used as a basting sauce on grilled cobs of corn.

** Raspberry Jalapeno  - great as a bagel spread, cracker or chip dip. Mix the Raspberry Jalapeno dip with a can of rinsed and well drained black beans,  and a ½ cup of chopped spring onions.  Spread mixture out on a 12” diameter pan.   Layer with shredded lettuce and then a layer of shredded Cheddar Cheese.

** Green Olive and Pimento -Nina's favorite.  Chips, Crackers or Celery.   Great bread dip, or a spread for a  sandwich.

** Artichoke and Spinach Dip with Chips and Crackers as a hot dip. Mix a jar of the Artichoke and Spinach with a drained can of Chicken.  Spread into a dish, sprinkle with some bacon bits.  Bake for a 15 min or golden brown at 350 and serve hot.

** Jose’s Taco Sauce, a legend of the Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in the 70’s and 80’s, has returned!  Jose’s is versatile and makes a wondeful sauce for chips, nachos or enchiladas. 

These last three feature ideas using KC Gourmet's new salad dressings. 

** Red Onion - great summer salad dressing.  Romaine and Red leaf lettuce,  add slices of avocados, pineapple and mandarin chuncks and walnut pieces.  

** Balsamic - Very good with Romaine lettuce.

** Asian -  Marinade your chicken breast and grill to create a great summer entre.  

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