Sunday, April 27, 2014


“I have observed all sorts of birds in my yard, but I have always had a particular fondness for the smallest ones, including the wrens.  Most common is the house wren, and this is my favorite encounter with one of them.

One industrious little fellow (The male builds several nests from which the hen will select one) was starting a nest in one of my pole mounted wren houses, despite harassment from several nearby sparrows. At one point, a squirrel clambered up the pole to sit on top of the wren’s chosen domicile. Little wren got quite angry and complained loudly from the telephone wire, and began diving at the squirrel, who realized he’d made a mistake, but before he could climb back down little wren ploughed into the squirrel head first and knocked him clean off to the ground. I must say the sparrows were considerably more respectful after that.”

“While I was speaking with a customer at From the Summer’s Garden, she asked me if wrens were too shy to nest near her deck. Before I could elaborate, a wren landed on my bird house display five feet away in the midst of a crowd, and proceeded to investigate all the houses in the top row.
He’d hop onto the perch singing loudly, try out the inside and sit in the doorway enjoying the view, then perch on the roof for more singing. Then he’d move on to the next one and the next on down the row. My customer delightedly snapped photo after photo, and, needless to say, her original question was basically answered more thoroughly than anything I could have come up with.”

Here is a nice site that describes all the basics for attracting birds to your yard, and a few quotes from the initial article:   

“An easy way to start out attracting birds is to put up a bird feeder. We'll help you choose feeders and foods that appeal to the birds you want to attract, plus we'll tell you where to put your feeder and how to maintain it.
Nest boxes offer many birds a place to raise their young, especially where natural cavities are at a premium. Our nest box section describes the features of a good nest box, where to place it, and how to avoid predators. Our nesting section also lists some nesting materials you can offer that will help a wide variety of species.

A source of clean water, for drinking and bathing, may attract birds that don’t visit feeders. We can help ensure that your water helps birds, not mosquitoes or algae.”

 Syd has a large selection of custom wren houses at A GARDEN OF GOOD.  Nancy Rowe, The Gourd Lady, another of our artists, has created unique birdhouses for wrens from birdhouse gourds!

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