Monday, April 7, 2014

A Garden of Good Artist Feature: LISA FREEMAN

 LISA FREEMAN has become a bit of a scavenger.  Unwanted scrap wood and discarded metal have become inspiration for Lisa's latest works.  Still a lover of inspirational one-liners, Lisa has added painted scrap metal to her wall plaques, which are cut from wood scrap....  
 ...and, being such a lover of all things floral, with the help of baling wire, more scrap metal found new life as ever-blooming flowers.  Although these "cut flowers" lack a lovely aroma, they bring color to your table top as you await the blooms that only spring can bring.
Lisa is also collaborating with Steve by making wonderful TOTEM ADORNMENTS, wonderful "jewelry" for the new Build-Your-Totem Collection available only From the Summer's Garden.

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