Thursday, April 10, 2014


Follow these four easy steps to make this fun Springtime Fairy Pot, just like that!

1.  Find an pot large enough to hold several types of plants and fun accessories. From the Summer's Garden just happens to have a variety of hypertufa containers perfect for this, the tufa basket above, for example.

2.  Combine several types of interesting plants for your container. Since Radiant Orchid is the color of the year for 2014, I used purple mini-petunias, and purple alyssum. Wheat grass germinates quickly and looks awesome in a container so I sprinkled in wheat seeds. They germinate in just four days. When they get too big, I pull them out and plant more.

3.  Fill the container half full with potting soil, add each of your plants and fill spaces with extra soil.  Top bare dirt areas with green sheet moss.  It works like a charm and looks great. 

4.  Here's, the cool part... Create a mini-enviroment with minature accessories.  I am not really into the fairy thing, so I used one of Karen Skillett's new outdoor bunny picks with some mini-mushrooms.  It's perfect for A Garden of Good because we have rabbits everywhere!

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