Monday, April 8, 2013


This spring we held two early Hypertufa Studios BEFORE our spring event.  We had some challenges... like snow and more snow. The fact that the garden is not leafed out and in bloom caused us to be creative when it came to using its resources for inspiration and materials.  But necessity is the mother of invention and these folks shone like stars with their bright ideas. They created new exciting things to plant up for spring and to include in the building of their garden environments and they have a great head start on creating their own Peace on My Porch!

 Curing Grot heads..pretty grisly!

Cutting the toes of a foot stepping stone.  You should see the toenail job! 
 An infant box planter fresh from the mold!
 Pat applies a tile to the front of her planter.

 Hand-sculpted stepping stones.
 "This just makes me happy, really happy!

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