Friday, April 19, 2013

Peace on My Porch: Five Fresh Ideas to Do Today

No need to feel overwhelmed as you consider your list of things to do for spring. This season, aim for peace, relaxation and to be fully present in the moment. Everything will come in due time, but here are a few suggestions you can do without too much extra effort:

1. Sit a spell. Sit back on the porch, close your eyes and let the spring sunshine warm your face.  

2. Plant a salad and watch it grow. Plant one row of lettuce and spinach seeds mixed together in your garden.  Drop in a few radish seeds every foot or so.  These will germinate first and help to remind you that you planted something. Plus they'll be great crunch and color in your future salad.

3.  Throw together some thrillers, fillers and some spillers. Buy one of five different types or colors of bedding plants and put them together in a large container.  Look for something tall, a.k.a. the thriller plat, something to fill in the middle, a.k.a. the fillers, and something that will trail downwards, a.k.a., the spillers.  Feature this container on your porch and patio where you can see it every day. It will make you smile.

4.  It’s easy being green. Check out the exciting Pins related to Peace on My Porch, Pie and Emerald Green on the From the Summer's Garden Pinterest page: PS - Go to the movies and see the 3-D version of Oz the Great and Powerful movie.  It's an enjoyable escape! And all of the emerald green is amazing!

5.  Be a bird brain. Find a good spot near your porch to site a shallow water basin for the birds.  They love the water, and watching their antics will soothe your soul.

Bonus tip: Repeat step one … at From the Summer’s Garden, weekends April 26 through May 27. The Peace On My Porch Sale is ready for you to enjoy, complete with artistic garden creations from KC area artists, special events and giveaways, and plenty of peaceful inspiration! 

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