Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Use Artistry in Garden Decorating Ideas

When you see a lovely garden, it can affect you just as if you were standing in a museum looking at a beautiful painting.  That is because experienced gardeners know how to view their garden space as a blank canvas waiting to receive the expert strokes of color, texture, aroma and sound.  When a garden becomes an intentional expression, there is a hushed appreciation in everyone who sees it.

Beauty is no accident in garden decorating

Your garden is your canvas and you can paint whatever you can envision on that space.  But like any worthwhile piece of art, getting the desired result requires planning and forethought.  Beauty does not come by chance but rather is the product of lengthy consideration.  Before you ever purchase a seed or plant or dip your shovel into the soil, think about what effect you want to create with your garden.  Are you looking for a bright display of color?  A cool retreat?  Somewhere to harvest blooms or edibles?

Other considerations when planning your garden are the amount of light the space receives, how to mate your garden with the surrounding landscape, and whether there is a particular direction you want visitors to face.  Once you have thought about these factors, they can inform all the decisions which must follow.

Art elements in your garden decorating

There are elements besides the colors, placement and textures of the plants in your garden which contribute to its overall appeal.  Stepping stones which lead visitors through the shrubbery to a destination such as a bench or water pond are garden decorating ideas that enhance the impact of your design.  Other garden decorating ideas might include well-positioned wind chimes, dramatically positioned urns or hypertufa containers, seasonal garden stakes or ornate bird baths and feeders.

Appeal to all the senses

A great piece of art appeals to several senses at once.  Visual appeal is captured through color, style and skill.  Think about whether your garden will feel pleasant in the morning, at mid-day or in the evening.  In other words, how is it positioned in relation to sunshine, shade and wind?  As mentioned above, sound is one of the garden decorating ideas to take into consideration.  Some gardeners even manage to hide speakers under leafy trees and bushes so that gentle music enters the garden experience.

Your imagination is your palette and your garden the expressive medium.  From The Summer’s Garden invites you to come and have your artistic senses awakened during the Spring Sale Event every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between April 26th and May 27th .  The theme this year is Peace on My Porch, and it will awaken the artist in you toward fresh, breezy and relaxing garden landscapes!

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