Friday, April 12, 2013

Garden Themes: Of Old Teapots, Spoons and Relaxation

Gardens are personal creations. 

With a garden, it’s just you, the dirt, the sun and lots of personal attention.  Gardens make an ideal retreat not only once they are completed, but from the moment you start to turn over the soil and imagine the possibilities. Whether it’s in the ground or merely in a pot, there is something intensely satisfying about turning a bare patch of dirt into a thing of beauty.

Gardens are also personal expressions. Your garden should reflect your personality.  The colors, textures and layout flow from your own unique style and tastes.  But just as a picture frame draws attention to the work of art, having a garden theme can provide the framework in which your own creativity can shine.

Popular Garden Themes

Popular garden themes range from large, formally arranged gardens to the free-form, natural appeal of wildflower gardens.  Gardens can be designed to attract butterflies or for the purpose of yielding lovely cut flowers throughout the growing season.  There are even gardens designed around ease of maintenance.  If you want the beauty of a garden but not a lot of ongoing responsibility, you might consider a green garden.  Groupings of plants with interesting foliage in varying shades of green can create a visually soothing garden that requires very little upkeep. Trash to treasure is also very popular as a theme, with some KC gardeners using old pot-bellied stoves, old signs and rustic lanterns as part of their garden theme décor. 

What to Put in Your Garden Theme
If you don’t have a lot of available garden space, then a decorative container can also serve the purpose when choosing garden themes.  If you want a container garden that is less utilitarian and more about fun and imagination, then a fairy garden could be what you’re looking for. Fairy gardens are whimsical micro gardens, bonsai-like spaces where one might expect to find a tiny sprite taking her ease. You may also want to consider engaging themes around recycled materials – such as glass pieces arranged onto sculptures, or silver spoons and teapots. (Check out these ideas from artist Terry Smith). Hypertufa is another fun and exciting way to create your own custom garden container around a specific theme.  

This year, why not try Peace on My Porch as a garden theme? Picture breezes, easy living and lazy days.  The Spring Sale Event at From The Summer’s Garden offers everything Kansas City gardeners need to begin a fresh outdoor or indoor garden around a peaceful or artistic theme.  Beginning on the last weekend in April and running every weekend through Memorial Day, from The Summer’s Garden invites gardeners in Kansas City to come and browse through an extensive array of handcrafted garden pots, statuary and more – as well as meet artists from the KC area and browse their pieces.  Plus, enjoy hourly special events, wine, pie and the occasional martini!

Whatever garden theme you choose, From the Summer’s Garden has just what you need to make it happen. Sales days include Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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