Sunday, April 14, 2013


My friend Lisa, is co-owner of Haling's Greenhouse.   It's packed full of robust healthy plants just waiting for you and your containers.  This is the place that's first on my list when planting up containers.  I shop by color palette and Halings always has something that fits the bill. This year with Emerald Green being the lead color, I found a broad range of beautiful greens.

For the yellow green that is so hot right now, Lemon Licorice Helichrysum and Creeping Jenny were perfect.  Poppy Red is supplied by the new Santa Cruz Sunset Begonia.  I don't usually go for begonias but this one has such an unusal flower form, is a great spiller and can take the heat of the sun.  Instead of getting separate yellow and white, Superbells Lemon  Slice did the trick featuring a striped yellow and white blossom.  To compliment the hot warm colors  Superbena Royale Chambray, a vigorpous trailing verbena and Blue My Mind Evolvulus added purples and blues.  For the thriller this year, I planted three large amaryllis bulbs in the center of each                                                 container and surrounded them with these plants from Halings.  The amaryllis also takes the heat of the sun and looks good even after the flowers are gone.  

Make it a point to stop by Halings Greenhouse on the corner of 75th and Lamar in Prairie Village. Their trademark is plants that look good right when you plant them and then stay that way.

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