Friday, August 29, 2014


We began this workshop by making handmade paper in the garden. With the garden so lush this time of year, our papers were fragrantly brilliant with scent and color. This paper was used for the covers and divider pages in our sketchbooks.
 Jean used various textures of brown craft paper to collage the cover of her book designed to be a wine journal featuring her collection of unique wine labels.
 Hydrangia and zinnia petals were used to make the sheet of paper on the right.
 Joyce stitched her travel journal togehter with waxed green thread and collaged  images of swimming goldfish for her cover design.

 Lynn loves weaving different varieties of printed papers together forming rich textural surfaces.  She wove this beautiful cover with strips of printed images cut into strips interspersed with thin dark brown twigs.  It appears to float on her cover.  In a word:  STUNNING!

 Paula used hair from her cats when she made the paper for her catbook.  She illustrated the cover with fabric collage and little bells- talk about "belling the cat".

Robin's color palette included this striking Chinese red. Whodah thunk that red hardware duct tape would make such a fitting edge binding? She not only stitiched the binding but also the cover of her book with waxed black thread.

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