Thursday, September 11, 2014


The weekend was pleasant and we were able to have the doors open for both days of the September Hypertufa Studio. This was our last studio of the year.  Participants made four good-sized projects: a classic tufa box planter, a cast leaf water basin for birds, a hand-sculpted garden stone and a garden gnome that doubles as a plant stand.  It also makes a dandy jack-o-lantern base for Halloween!

 Hank used motorcycle parts on his garden gnome sculpture.
 Jane and Molly are handsculpting sections of their gnome's faces.

 Kate was especially proud of her leaf water basin.  She cast Kale leaves with remarkable accuracy and they were exquisite.
 Here she cleans a mosaic bird she created from broken tile in her stepping stone.

 The weekend's gallery of garden stepping stones.

Happy Tufa Makers!

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