Saturday, August 23, 2014


I have a new favorite container plant for summer:  domesticated purslane.  A common variation of it also happens to be one of the worst weeds in my garden.

This is the weed:

 Portulaca oleracea (common purslane)Purslane is considered an invasive weed, it certainly is in my garden. It has smooth, reddish, mostly prostrate stems and alternate leaves clustered at stem joints and ends. The yellow flowers have five regular parts and are up to 6 mm wide. Depending upon rainfall, the flowers appear at anytime during the year. The flowers open singly at the center of the leaf cluster for only a few hours on sunny mornings. Seeds are formed in a tiny pod, which opens when the seeds are mature. Purslane has a taproot with fibrous secondary roots and is able to tolerate poor, compacted soils and drought.  Oh if tomatoes were as easy to grow!

 But, this is domesticated purlane and it takes the hot, brutal heat of our summers, can be wet or drfy and you never havce to deadhead it.  It is covered with large colorfuyl blossoms in the early morning inot the afternoon.  Awesome!  Look for it at local garden centers.

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