Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wonderful weather + wonderful people = great Hypertufa ! What a weekend to be outside in the garden and to make nice things to add to it's beauty.

This studio had a nice wide range in ages of tufa-makers.

Lisa's stepping stone is an homage to her terrier.

Lois paid special attention to arranging the fine-leaves creating a border on her leaf platter.

Kathy opted not to make the large leaf platter or a stepping stone because she brought in a
HUGE leaf and made this awesome leaf bowl. Because if its size, it is going to sit for several days before we even think of turning it over and cleaning it up. Too cool to have broken!

Nancy and Brenna work on their leaf platters. Brenna is a high school student who held her own alongside the adults in the session. Kids do very well with concrete and hypertufa. I have four high school studio assistants who are experts at making the stuff!

Sarah's leaf platter gets turned over while she finishes trimming her stepping stone. I had the pleasure of teaching art classes to Sarah's kids, Stefani and Colin. It is easy to see where they get their talent - each of her pieces were picture-perfect.

Hypertufa 7's stepping stones on display.

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  1. I like your work and I would like to join. Thanks, Monique (Canada)