Sunday, August 8, 2010


It was a very hot weekend and perfect for the wet activity of making recycled handmade paper. We started out the morning by walking through the garden to gather leaves, grasses, herbs and flowers for inclusion in our handmade papers.

After trimming her leaves and flowers for her sheet of paper, Judy mixed them together with pulp and poured the mixture into the deckle and mold forming a sheet of paper.

Jane made this paper with petals from the Hot Cocoa tea rose and leaves from the herb garden.

Suzanne has a sophisticated understanding of color and put together handsome color combinations. I really love this burgundy/purple/green combination.

Another activity in this studio is the making of a model in clay to make a casting mold for paper pulp. Stephanie is pressing wet paper pulp into her plaster mold. The finished casts are light weight and make wonderful ornaments and components for garlands.

Before the plaster mold can be cast with paper pulp, the clay model must be removed and
the finished mold thoroughly dried.

Bon has removed her paper bowl from the hump mold and is trimming the edge for a pleasing finish.

Judy's bowl photographed in the garden that provided its elements.

Drying Paper Bowls

Suzanne's Flower Petal Bowl

This bowl uses one feather strategically placed to serve as its focal point.

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  1. I love the idea of women (children to adults) getting together to make these beautiful creations =) all of your girls' works are GORGEOUS! I've been looking for some simple homemade paper instructions so I can do similar with my daughter =) Again, JUST BEAUTIFUL!....And I totally love the inclusion of your garden's lovely ingredients =)