Sunday, August 1, 2010


The weekend was beautiful and so was the hypertufa. This group was creative and efficient. They took the few challenges we had in stride and went home with some dandy stepping stones, grots, planters and leaf platters.

Carole found a nice big squash leaf in the garden and decided to cast it by itself. It is a unique bowl she can use for serving food.

You could tell Chuck worked for many years in the cement industry. He led the mixing of the pulp and sand for this group like a pro.

The grot (garden gnome) project fascinated participants and they spent much of the second day creating their masterpieces.

Suzi cast her house numbers using glass and epoxy before she came to the session. Here she carefully embedds the numbers into her stepping stone.

Here's the "wet pavement" display of this group's stepping stones.

Irene and Bob came armed with a large bags of shells and were determined to used them somewhere! Bob made a large stepping stone in the shape of a shell and used shells to decorate it. They decided to coordinate their planters and lined the top edges of them with some of their shells. This looks fantastic!

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