Saturday, August 8, 2009


We experimented adding dried grass clippings along with the recycled paper during mixing. I knew that using, moist green grass would be trouble because it would seriously effect the curing/setting time of the hypertufa mix. The dried grass mixed in wonderfully, adding a soft, earthy texture to the mix. It did slow the setting process however and we had to wait three days until we could handle the platters and finish them up. Every one turned out well, in fact, they were some of the best we've made! Now we have another "green" use for grass clippings!
Kari adds a border to her leaf platter which features a mini-spa for the birds on one side.

Jan put an island deck in the center of her platter for the birds to enjoy.

The real leaves used to create the desgin have been removed during the cleanup process. Kelly is going to seal her platter and use it as a serving piece. It will make a dramatic centerpiece.

Beau's finished leaf platter.

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