Sunday, August 23, 2009


The wonderful cooler weather has really affected the curing time of our HYPERTUFA this summer. The hotter the weather, the faster it sets up. We had to wait a bit longer to finish things up in this studios because of the low temps. It was worth the wait as everyone went home happy with their treasures. It just goes to show how making HYPERTUFA is much like baking bread - things turn out a bit differently every time.

Dusty and Phyllis mix up a rich batch of "green" HYPERTUFA. We actually recycled Phyllis's old lesson plans. She retired this spring after teaching and serving as a counselor for many years. She's already begun to do the things she has always wanted to do but could not find the time. Now she's a pro at making HYPERTUFA!
Phyliss may not especially care to eat rhubarb but she certainly loves those leaves! Here she is covering two of them with a concrete mixture to make unique cast serving dishes.

The day after, the rhubarb leaves are carefully removed from the casting.

This water basin uses five cast rhubarb leaves to create flower form.

A free-form sculpted butterfly garden stone.

This free-form stone sports a happy smile which is what you will be doing as you load up your car with all of the projects you've made form the HYPERTUFA Studio. Sign up today!

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