Saturday, August 1, 2009


Jean's box planter will take about a week to fully set and cure before she can plant it up with her favorite container plants. Because it is hypertufa and breathes, it can stay outside year round.
Kari placed a handprint on the bottom of her leaf platter for nice surprise on the underside...
...a nice signature in this medium.
Beau finishes the rim of her box planter with a nice hand-rolled edge.
Lee helps Kelly position a bike chain in her garden stone for her husband's birthday. He is an avid biker and will really get a kick out of her stone.
Jan likes to boogie to the music as she pats the hypertufa onto her leaf platter. Music aids this process tremendously.

All of these garden stones are sculpted by hand. We also used various sculpture techniques to create our grots, a garden gnome character. First we remove material form the hypertufa blocks we cast the previous day. This makes holes for the eyes and mouth. Then we use thick cement and add on the various features of the face.
"This is how you cut the the mouth..."
"and how you make the nose"

GROTS make wonderful plant stands.

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