Sunday, November 13, 2016

SPECIAL EVENT: Encaustics with Lisa Freeman

Lisa Freeman has entered the world of encaustic art as a fun way to use the beeswax from their honeybees.  Join Lisa for an introduction to encaustic art.  Participants will create their initial on a prepared board and all sorts of hot wax, paints, and textures.

Encaustic workshop participants will be provided with their prepared “canvas”wood block.  Have in mind what letter or word you would like to write on your block.
 Layering of wax begins…

 Fibers are fun to press into the soft wax, then more layering of wax… 
You will also get to play with a heat gun.

 Color will be added to your creations 
with a little “coaching”.

 When you head home, you will have your encaustic block completed and with a nice coat of resin.  It will need to let dry for 72 hours.

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