Sunday, November 20, 2016


Damaged Model
 Perfect Casting

This spring Dennis brought a beautifully sculpted angel which he rescued from a church in Kansas City, KS. It was one of a pair; one facing to the right of the altar and the other to the left. The one facing left was lost. He asked me to create a model of this angel and cast it in concrete. It took us most of the sumner to make the mold. I was concerned that the original might be damaged since it appeared to be painted wood. I gave it a coating of polyurethane to protect the surface and we began the mold-making process. Friday, we removed the new mold from the model. I was heart sick as the mold came off the orginal cruimbled into smithereens. It turns out this moldel was plaster over wood, not even re-enforced. So that is the bad news. The good news is that the very first cast came out in perfect condition! I am definitely counting my blessings on this project! These new angels are fulyl outdoorable since they are cast concrete and will be made to order at $95.

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