Wednesday, August 14, 2013


One of the four projects made in our Hypertufa Studio is a hand-sculpted stepping stone.  Besides the concept and the shape, decoration is a key element to making and interesting an stepping stone. Marilyn loves her Volkswagon Beetle and it served as inspiration for her stepping stone.  Besides the clever concept, the shape is interesting and has with holes for planting!

What gives it a special twist is using broken china from the same piece to decorate it.
The makers of these stones used a combination of broken china and flat marbles.
To make her stone "bare-footable", (smooth enough to walk on with bare feet), Barbara spread natural gray grout around each of the mosaic pieces in her stone.  This filled cracks and sharp edges sticking up, resulting in a silky smooth surface.
 Some folks just dance to the tune of a different drummer.  These "stones" are guaranteed to shred your bare feet to bits.  Better to be placed in the garden as sculpture!

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