Friday, August 23, 2013


 Oh what a beautiful abundance of tomatoes this season. 
   Laurie is busy slicing and drying these beauties for our dried tomato dip.  She cuts them just under 1/4" thick and lays them out in a single layer on the drying racks.  
 These go into the food dryer for 18 hours.  The water is evaporated leaving intensely flavored tomatoes perfect for the dip mix.  We'll have plenty available at our Holdiay sales event, PEACE TO YOU, in November and December.
 Ends and odd pieces go into the crock pot for slow-cooking to a rich tomato paste.  A crock pot is the best thing for this and you NEVER end up with that burned tomato taste.
This season has also allowed for abundant basil growth which goes hand-in-hand with tomatoes. Adding dried tomatoes to pesto adds a whole new dimension of richness.

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