Friday, May 3, 2013


We have a nice variety of HYPERTUFA containers available at From the Summer's Garden. Hypertufa containers are lighter than heavy concrete or ceramic planters.  They also breathe and can stay outside year-round.  Now is an opportune time to start thinking about your containers for the upcoming growing season.  Keep the rhyming planting rule in mind when you design your containers with Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers.  Thrillers grow upright, tall and command attention. Place these in the center of your container plan.  Next come the Fillers which make a dramatic transition from the Thriller to the Spiller.  They can be the same thing or offer a vairety of color and texture.  Finish off your container with Spillers.  These offer interest at the edge of and below your container, vining around and trailing downward.
Here are some intriguing new containers available at Peace on My Porch this year:

These tufa boxes have an optional mini-bird bath that fits into a corner.
 Butterfly Container
 Step out in style with a high heel container!

These three offer different options for hanging containers.
The "big boy" has "Peace in the Garden" stamped around the outside rim

These box planters coordinate with our UNITS wall sculptures.

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