Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Got Paper? Plant It. Plantable Paper Ideas You Must See

Paper, dear friends, is an awesome garden material.

At From the Summer’s Garden, recycled paper is a key ingredient in many of our projects, including concrete and hypertufa.  We make beautiful handmade papers from recycled paper. We make garden herbs and flowers and cast paper pulp in handmade molds as ornaments, garlands and three-dimensional decorations.    We use out paper to make one-of-a-kind paper bowls like these from our blog. And we offer fantastic handmade paper-making studio experiences. 
Seed ornaments:  For our spring sale event, Peace on My Porch, we have a colorful new set of seed ornaments.  These are hand cast paper pulp ornaments containing seeds.  You can use them as decoration, trims on gifts or you can break them up and plant them to grow real flowers that are sure to be just as colorful!  They come packaged in a snazzy box or bag that is a great gift in itself.

New this year is  Jack and the Beanstalk, A Garden Activity.  It features an updated modern version of the classic fairy tail in gardening terms.  My fellow artist Paula Hayek and I collaborated on this effort.  On the cover of the story is a little cast paper watering can.  After the story, there’s instructions telling you  how to plant the magic watering can to grow your own beanstalk.  The watering can contains Castor Bean and Hyacinth Bean seeds that germinate quickly and grow tall and high to delight gardeners of all ages.  It comes packaged in a clear acetate box – another unique gift idea at the Peace on My Porch sales event.

From the Summer’s Garden offers a Handmade Paper-Making Studio for anyone interested in learning how to make recycled handmade paper and to make a mold for casting paper pulp.  

Check this page for more info on plantable paper ideas and ideas from studio:

Here are some examples of what you can make in the handmade paper-making Studio. Get started today by making plans to attend Peace on My Porch  this weekend (hint: pie and barbecue!) and mark your calendar for our next studio experience. 

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