Sunday, September 12, 2010


The weather this weekend proved to be the finest we've had all summer. Both doors were open on either end of the studio and we enjoyed the gentle breeze and the sounds of nature rather than the whir of the air conditioner. This was one happy group of tufa-makers and they had a ball creating their garden treasures.

Davey, one of our studio assistants helps Julia with her leaf platter. Davey is a senior at Shawnee Mission South. He is an expert tufa maker and works very well with class participants.

Jane supervises her sister, as Judy puts the finishing touches
on a bowl she is making from a canna leaf...

...and here's her finished canna leaf bowl.

I think Paula must be a perfectionist.
Her hypertufa planter has the straightest,
most beautiful edges I have seen on a handmade pot!

Kristen used her recycled glass pieces to great effect on her stepping stone.

Verna wanted a south western feel to her stepping stone and came to the session with a drawing of a stylized bear. Instead of scratching the design into the surface of the wet concrete, she sculpted a relief of the bear right on her paper and then slipped the relief onto her stepping stone for an interesting dimensional effect.

Sharon made her stepping stone in the shape of an empty word balloon. When it has cured, she plans to give it a coat of chalkboard paint which will enable her to write erasable messages on the stone with chalk. How cool is that?

Hypertufa Nine's stepping stones on display.

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