Sunday, September 19, 2010


This group mixed up a perfect batch of hypertufa. Everything set well overnight and the weather cooperated with pleasant breezes blowing through the studio making our last session of the season especially fine.
Elaine and Dorothy were very adventurous and tried many new things including making a platter out of recycled packing peanuts. It is amazing what unusual things can serve as an aggregate in concrete. She brought several bags of styrofoam shipping containers that serve as handy molds for hypertufa planters.

Blaze was our studio assistant on tap this weekend. He does a great job helping class participants with their projects. They are especially grateful for his help in mixing up the concrete!

Everyone goes right to work the second day, excited to see how their creations have set and dried.

Nicole used the studio as a work session to develop a model of her concept for a design competition. She used a combination of concrete and hypertufa in sculpture her human figures on a stand.

She built armatures from wire and hardware cloth and then covered them with fresh concrete.

Hypertufa 10's stepping stone on display.

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