Sunday, July 25, 2010


There were some serious tufa-makers in this bunch.
This group rose to the task and created
great pieces to enhance their gardens in textbook-style!

Phil and Gary put a layer of concrete over the leaves they have arranged on a mound of sand. These will eventually become beautiful leaf platters.

Brandy does the same to her arrangement of leaves. She is also preparing to cast grape leaves to use as decoration on the rim of her platter.

Ah...time to mix the hypertufa. Here comes Blaze with the mixed up recycled paper and sand. Now the Portland cement needs to be worked in by hand.

Mixing tufa is a good work out. You can tell from these happy faces that there's plenty of fun involved too!

Bryan wanted very deep nostrils on his grot and Haley decided hers needed a pair of glasses.

Sara carefully applies concrete to the back side of hydrangia leaves to cast a life-like concrete leaf.

Hypertufa 5's stones on display

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