Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Lisa and several members of her family recently completed a memorial project in honor of her son, Jordan, who passed away unexpectedly on May 26, 2007 of a congenital heart abnormality that went undetected because he had no symptoms. The family has chosen to honor his life by establishing the Jordan Robert Mann Foundation which funds heart health assessments for athletes at participating schools. Click here to learn more about Jordan and his foundation.

Lisa held on to Jordan's penny collection and decided it was time to use them in a series of memorial garden stones created at From the Summer's Garden.

Lisa, her mother, sister and niece each made a mosaic butterfly stepping stone for their gardens and each incorporated pennies from Jordan's collection.

Jamie puts the final pieces of glass into her mosaic butterfly stone.

Here are the family's finished memorial butterfly stepping stones glittering in the sun,
a wonderful tribute to Jordan and his foundation.

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