Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This eager group proved to be very able and creative in making their hypertufa masterpieces.

Staci and Ginny begin the job of removing material from their hypertufa blocks to create their own unique "GROTS", a Danish term for garden gnome.
It's an ugly sounding name but it really fits!

Diana is Ginny's sister. They are both nurses and brought leftover operating room plastic bowls that can be repurposed as molds for hypertufa. Lots of gloves and plastic sheets too-great creative recycling! Here Diana pulls off the leaves used to cast her platter. She adorned the front of her box planter with a beautiful tile from her collection.

Sandy used coins from her travels around the world in a spiral pattern on her stepping stone.

Broken china adds a great deal of interest to Staci's stone...

...and Connie used a string of shiny beads to create a border on her stone.

Isn't this a creative way to reuse this old saw blade? David is a wood worker
and is going to get even more use out of this one!

Finished stones laid out for display.

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