Sunday, June 13, 2010


What a weekend! We had an exciting first hypertufa session and a wonderful bunch of enthusiasts. But oh the weather- first it rained, then it poured, then the sun came out, then it poured the time we gathered for our group photo, the sun was shining brightly.

Jenny fashioned the edge of her hypertufa planter like a castle tower.

Merrill was a meticulous worker- she even gave her garden gnome
wire hair that actually had a part in it!

The first day we mixed up the hypertufa and concrete and cast our pieces.
The next day we put the componenets together into finished items.

Isn't this a smart bunch of brand new hand sculpted stepping stones?

Mixing up a batch of hyperttufa is definitely a good workout.

Jenny uses a brick to smooth the edges of her stepping stone.

Carol and Don wanted to keep their stones simple and
used texture and shape to make them interesting.

Barb, Cindy and Sue-three girlfriends working in a row.

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