Thursday, October 29, 2009


More than just a decorative touch for your wall or door, wreaths have existed in various forms since the time of the ancient Romans. Laurie's family has Scandinavian roots and is well-acquainted with St. Lucia who wore a wreath with lighted candles on her head. Candles light
the winter night and are a sign of hope for the future light of spring.

Snow What Fun Wreaths

Much symbolism can be attributed to the Christmas wreath. The shape of a circle has no beginning and no ending. This may represent the eternal nature of God's love or the circle of life. Today, a wreath adds a wonderful decorative touch, both year round and at Christmas
time. It is a sign of faith in humanity and life and of victory over life's challenges. Whether you hang a wreath on the door to welcome visitors or on a wall to complete a room's decor,the splash of color on a cold winter's day is sure to add a feeling of warmth, building excitement for the coming season.

This is my Summer's Garden wreath which inspires our logo. It is made entirely from dried herbs and flowers grown this past summer. We have a nice variety of wreaths just completed
for the Holiday Gift Open House, both holiday-specific and everyday.

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