Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a small import company that specialized in holiday home decor. It was great fun creating holiday-themed collections. One of my favorites was Snow What Fun, which just happens to be the theme for this year's Holiday Gift Open House. In this collection, I finally got to create my paper mache snowman collection in collaboration with a great designer in Kansas City named Jeff. Here are a few pieces of Snow What Fun that will be featured at the Open House. Many of the pieces are functional as well as decorative items.
This little guy serves as the title piece for the collection. It just may be that this winter will bring us lots of snow, might as well have some fun in it!
The two little kid snowpeople have a ball in the snow!
They'll hold your votive or tea light candle...
...or even a large pillar candle!
This little guy displays holiday photos or greeting cards. He also makes
a perfect gift-presenter if you are giving someone tickets to a special event.

The snow must be packing well "cause she's rolled
a snowball big enough to hold a holiday floral centerpiece!
This big snowman carries the little one on his back
but will also hold a small to medium holiday wreath.
Fun is what you'll have when you visit our
open house just a few weeks away

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