Saturday, July 11, 2009


Class participants learned how to mix up Steve's "green" version of Hypertufa using recycled paper and built planters in molds, fashioned free-form garden stones and created leaf platters from beautiful leaves collected around the garden.
The Hypertufa had to set up overnight so projects could be completed. A large part of the second day of the studio is devoted to sculpting a Grot, a Danish form of garden gnome.
Nate Sommi worked at From the Summers Garden for 4 years. He will be left us to attend Kansas State University. You will not find a finer kid who is also an expert at mixing the perfect batch of hypertufa.
Stephanie packs the hypertufa mix into a box mold for her planter.
Phyllis found some very interesting elongated thistle-like leaves to use on her leaf platter.
Pam puts the finishing touches on her bird bowl.
Jacqueline adds "gems" to her concrete bird ornament.
Mixing the Hypertufa by hand is an experience not easily forgotton!

Here's a nice group of very usable stepping stones and...
...each of them passes the barefoot test!
Just a whack of the hammer and POOF- a perfect planter ornament!

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