Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Jim Drummond is a woodworker who grew up in Kansas City and moved to Overland Park in 1980. Jim came by woodworking through home maintenance DIY projects. Upon retiring in 2009, Jim started taking on larger projects referred to him by the Kansas City Woodworking Guild. Jim's work can now be seen on a midtown KC sidewalk, a crossroad community garden, a Prairie Village office patio and at 15 area restaurants. A high point in Jim's career was the museum-quality portrait frames made with American black walnut and figured maple inlay. From the Summer's Garden is excited to include Jim’s “man cave” vibe this Spring, consisting of new and old wood, much of it up-cycled from the cut-offs left by other projects. Beautiful, fine craftsmanship paired with a sense of humor! You will GROW HAPPY taking home some of his clever work!

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