Thursday, October 13, 2016

LISA FREEMAN- Guest Artist

Lisa Freeman is one of our guest artists at Counting Our Blessings. For Lisa, 2016 has been the year of creating pieces using rediscovered art supplies & materials hidden deep in the artist’s studio. Newly found oil paints from her college days combined with the plethora of bee’s wax from her husband’s bee hives has brought Lisa into the world of encaustics. These pieces are truly unique, rich in color with a beautiful rubbed finihed surface. They are as yummy as the honey that was made with them! She has also refined her work in fibers and created new vibrant wall quilts, pillows, and cross-body purses. Lisa will be working the night of our pening party, Thursday, November 3 from 5:00-8:00. Come join the fun!

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