Monday, July 25, 2016


Our July Hypertufa Studio kept participants hopping.  Each person made 5 completed projects during the the two-day,  9-12 o'clock sessions.
 The garden is bursting with all sorts of nicely veined leaves for leaf casting.
 Here a bird water basin has been formed over a hump mold of sand.
 Patti is using a concrete mixture that approximates clay for fine detail sculpting.
David went a step further and made his garden gnome into a gargoyle with large pointy ears.
Hand sculpted stepping stones and two types of planting containers were also created by each participant in this studio.   That's a lot of cool projects in just one studio!    
Join us for our final Hypertufa Studio of the year, Saturday and Sunday mornings, September 10/11 , 9-12 o'clock.  
Visit: peaceinmygarden to enroll.

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