Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 Designer's Shophouse Submission

It's that time of year for design concepts to be submitted for the 2015 Designer's Showhouse. Halings Greenhouse and FTSG are parterning again this year. Here is our concept submission.
Breath of Fresh Air….
Our world today is full of all kinds of tensions. We would like to create a stress free environment as a balance, particularly because we are all connected around the clock, 24/7. We would like to provide a space to disconnect for a while taking a cue from nature, turning down the volume…taking time for a breath of fresh air.
We begin the patio setting with soft calming natural colors, titanium and aluminum, as our base colors. The planting containers, water basins and sculptures made of concrete and hypertufa will carry these hues. Colored glass mosaics will add sparkle and interest running a range of soothing blues, calming greens and sparkling mirror. Still water in shallow basins will invite birds to add animation and natural entertainment to the setting.
The simplicity of the hardscape will provide a stage for a mixture of annuals and grasses designed to provide controlled thrillers for height, fillers for color and spillers to soften and enliven. New low-maintenance annuals featuring Marsala, the color of the year for 2015, will take the lead accented with greens, whites and deep blues.
The patio is an unusual shape in that it is rectilinear on one side combined with a curve on the other. This uniqueness will be enhanced and reiterated by the angles and curves of the containers and sculptures. Indeed, the nesting cone planters will follow the curve of the patio.
The patio features a wide ledged low wall surround which we will use to feature the containers, placing these pieces to the sides and edges of the patio so there is plenty of room for an al fresco dining table, grill and seating areas.
The homeowner and her guests can step outside for a time out from the busy day, to disconnect, to pause, to take…a Breath of Fresh Air.

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  1. Hi Steve! Margy told me that you were hoping to work on this year's Showhouse, and I was very excited to see that you are going to be next door to our space! We are working on the Sunroom that annex's your patio space. Your board is great. I look forward to seeing you at the project. Kacy