Friday, October 10, 2014

ROBIN MACKINTOSH- A World of Good Guest Artist

Robin likes to rescue things. A scrap of beautiful handmade paper here, an orphan button there, pages from a long forgotten book. She likes to give these items an interesting new life as something inspiring for the eye and soul.
For the upcoming From the Summer's Garden Holiday Sale, Robin has created a new line of Found Button jewelry featuring bracelets that dance and sing.

Robin has also been collaborating on a series of Paper Princess wall hanging featuring cutoffs from parent sheets of handmade paper made from recycled clothing.
Sparkling wall hangings, fun, funky Love and Luck tassels and scrapped Christmas trees!

And last, but not least she has made a small series of Little Fatties. 3 1/2" square personal journals made from every sort of paper scrap imaginable.
Come see Robin's new visual treats! The perfect way to start your holiday shopping!

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