Tuesday, June 10, 2014


If concrete is mixed on the drier side and includes only sand as aggregate, it can be used for sculpting using the same techniques in sculpting clay.  Of course concrete will never be as plastic as clay and you have a short window of time to do your work, but it is worth the effort and works well for our garden projects.

 It can be used to make amazing life-like  cast  leaves....
 ...and accepts all manner of pressed textures just like clay.
 Tina and Helen are using concrete to sculpt faces on garden gnomes.
 Letter stamps can be used to create words and phrases...
 ...and clay tools work equally week for sculpting in concrete.
Leftover tiles from a bathroom project add color and interest to Tori's hand-sculpted stepping stone.
 Each of these stepping stones was made by hand...
...by this happy group!

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