Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Garden of Good Feature Artist: LEANNE from SOUTH20STUDIOS

From south20studios wabi-sabi (flawed beauty) tree totems.  Made up from one of a kind, hand textured and glazed tubes.  They provide funky, fun color to brighten your garden.  They have been high temperature, multi-fired to achieve the surface designs and can remain in place year long.  Use them as indoor sculpture by standing in containers.  Either way, a wabi-sabi tree can help us to remember to appreciate the flawed beauty and imperfection in everything around us. 

When an ordinary heart just won't do...we can find a heart for you!  Hearts with a skeleton, a mouse, an eye.....find one to capture your message.....
Made with hand cut glass, glass bead, oddities, and coordinating grout.  Finished with hanger suitable for hanging on the wall.  Capture the essence of your loved one ( or the one that shattered your heart)....odd, original, one of a kind!  .....and don't forget mom!

Put together junk yard car hoods and marble collections, and you get these torch cut flowers from LeAnne at south20studios.  LeAnne walks the junkyard to find the perfect hoods.  She uses the original color and finishes on the metal.  (Sometimes she can even tell you what vehicle they came from!). The metal is free-hand torch cut into flower shapes.  The flower centers are a crazy collection of assorted glass marbles, set in concrete.  Stake them in garden, or pot them in a planter for a burst of fun and color. 

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