Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recyled Paper Hypertufa - It's Not Your Grandmother's Tufa!

With the new hypertufa material, if you can name it ... you can make it. 

Tufa has come a long way, baby, and more KC gardeners are enjoying it for bird baths, creative containers and so much more. Now's the time to get your hands dirty with awesome recycled paper hypertufa material. 

Traditionally hypertufa was used for making shallow troughs suitable for growing alpines or succulents.  
Green hypertufa made with recycled paper fiber allows greater versatility and opens the door for making almost any type of planting container.  This is due to the increased plasticity of the mix which makes it stronger and easier to mold.  

Hypertufa containers are really good for growing plants who do not like wet feet such as lavender and rosemary.  Using a simple box mold provides a convenient method to create a planting container for this purpose.  The hard sides of the box make a pleasing geometric shape on the outside leaving the more erratic hand of the artist shaping on the inside of the pot for the roots to enjoy! The rim can be ornamented with stones or a texture for added appeal.  When the hypertufa has set, the mold is removed and the container is cured for a week.  Then, it is ready for planting.

Learn to make your own hypertufa containers, join us in a Hypertufa Studio this summer! Upcoming dates to get happy with hypertufa include June 29/30; July 13/14; August 10/11, and more! 

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