Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Garden Stepping Stones: Make Each One Whisper “Follow Me …”

Somehow receiving a personal invitation makes us more interested in attending an event.  Stepping stones in your garden or yard do the very same thing for everyone who enters your outdoor spaces.  If you want to show off your garden in K.C., a meandering trail seems to whisper “follow me”.

Dress up an existing path with garden stepping stones, or create a new path
If you have no idea where to place stepping stones, think about any high traffic areas in your lawn.  If you always walk from the garden to the hose, if the kids always trek from the back patio to the play area or if the animals always head out to the decorative fountain, then chances are that your yard already has a beaten down pathway.  Turn that trammeled grass and dirt into something beautiful by laying down garden stepping stones among carefully selected plants.

If you don’t already have an established path, then extend an invitation to somewhere interesting in your landscape.  A path strewn with stepping stones will beckon people to sit under the arbor, examine your flower beds, rest under a shady tree or check out a decorative set of custom garden containers.  Stones show everyone where to go and practically take them by the hand to get them there.  Your focal points become irresistible destinations at the end of a cobbled path.

Plenty of  garden stepping stones from which to choose
Garden stepping stones can be as varied and exciting as every new path itself. If you want to create a path that looks almost like nature itself is doing the inviting then flagstone or sandstone will do the trick.  These flat stones come in muted, earthy colors and each stone has its own unique shape.  Slate stones also reflect the colors of the earth and create lots of visual interest because of their variety.  You may also experiment with quartzite, flat garden stones flecked with glittering quartz.
At From the Summer’s Garden, concrete is the material of choice for creating a path with garden stepping stones. Designer Steve Hess suggests that any custom or designed stones are best set off if placed among or in-between plain concrete or natural stones to achieve visual rhythm and rest.  Too many designed stones in succession can become busy and overdone.

Learn more and enjoy some fresh inspiration at From the Summer’s Garden. Attention KC gardeners:  the Spring Sale events are coming up soon, every weekend April through May!

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